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PipelineAI Global Users 1,000,000 Global Community

PipelineAI Docker Images 800,000 Docker Downloads

PipelineAI Enterprise Edition100,000 Users

Advanced Spark and TensorFlow Meetup 95,000 Global Meetup Members

PipelineAI LinkedIn 50,000 LinkedIn Followers

PipelineAI GitHub Stars 3,000 GitHub Stars

PipelineAI Growth Sales and Marketing

Experienced Growth and Marketing Team

PipelineAI Growth Product and Strategy

Seasoned ML/AI Product and Strategy Team

Female Engineer and Scientist Engineering and Science

Experts in Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, GPUs,

Enterprise Security, Real-Time Streaming, and Big Data Analytics

Netflix Systems EngineersDatabricks Data EngineersUber Systems Scalability Streaming EngineersGoogle Brain Machine Learning Engineers PagerDuty High Availability Systems Engineers Nvidia GPU Software and Hardware EngineersRedHat Enterprise Scalability Engineers

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San Francisco (HQ), Chicago, Austin, Washington DC, London, Dusseldorf

[email protected]

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