Experiment Faster with Confidence

Deploy models when you want.  Release features when you're ready.

Eliminate risk and deliver value through continuous experiments with your machine learning pipelines.

Control your users' experience through custom targeting rules, shadow mode, and percentage-based rollouts.


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Every Hardware
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Data Science Teams  

Central Visibility and Control

One dashboard to manage the lifecyle of your models from local development to live production.  Train and deploy your models when you want.  

Deploy Models When You Want

Empower your data science team to collaborate effectively, maintain stability, and delivery models faster. 

Product Teams  

Collect Feedback Faster

Use custom targeting rules, shadow mode, and percentage-based rollouts to safely test features in live production and collect valuable feedback.

Release Features When You're Ready

Product teams independently release features when they are ready.  Instantly rollback any feature with the click of a button.

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December 2018
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August 2018
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May 2018
PipelineAI Launches Multi-Cloud Support @ DockerCon SF

October 2017
PipelineAI Wins O'Reilly Media AI Startup Competition


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