The Standard for Real-Time Machine Learning Experiments


Sept 2017: PipelineAI Wins O'Reilly AI Startup Showcase!

Enterprises PipelineAI

Netflix PipelineAI

"PipelineAI replaces home-grown ML model servers with Netflix-like resiliency and insight."

Apple PipelineAI Apple

"PipelineAI solves the last-mile problem of productionizing machine learning at scale."

Expedia PipelineAI

"PipelineAI deploys in both cloud-based and on-premise Enterprise environments."

PagerDuty PipelineAI

"PipelineAI provides the 360º dashboards needed for highly-available machine learning."

Square PipelineAI

"PipelineAI trains ML models continuously in real-time as new streaming data arrives."

Hotels.com PipelineAI

"PipelineAI maximizes revenue using AI-based prediction routing techniques."

U.S. Department of Defense PipelineAI U.S. Dept of Defense

"PipelineAI enables fully reproducible AI experiments on large streaming datasets across many GPUs."

HomeAway PipelineAI

"PipelineAI increases experimentation velocity with safe, self-service model deployments."

Disney PipelineAI

"PipelineAI supports the latest versions of every major ML and AI framework available."

Uber PipelineAI

"PipelineAI represents exactly how machine learning should be managed and deployed in production."

Walmart PipelineAI

"PipelineAI serves many types of predictions incl. search rankings and recommendations."

Bank of America PipelineAI

"PipelineAI simplifies the runtime management of complex model ensembles."


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